How We Help Get YOU Recruited

The end goal of many Gamepoint athletes is the opportunity to play at the collegiate level. When the time comes to begin the recruitment process, the Gamepoint Basketball team is here to assist with our proven platform for connecting athletes to the right college program. Over the past 16 years, GP has built strong relationships with college coaches around the country including elite NCAA Division I schools.

To simplify process, GP has created a college basketball recruitment program for our players who seek a more personalized approach. Our recruitment assistance plan includes: 

→ A detailed academic & athletic profile on your athlete
→ A list of target schools that best fit your athlete booth academically & athletically
→ An introduction and line of communication with target schools
→ Assistance with scheduling phone calls with college coaches
→ Recruitment interview preparation and personalized recommendations
→ Assistance with creating a profile with the NCAA Eligibility Center
→ Coordination of campus visits at target schools

For more information on the college recruitment process, here’s what NCAS has to say: “How to Get Recruited for College Basketball”.

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