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Q & A: Taurus Samuels

01/22/2018, 4:15pm PST
By Gamepoint Basketball

Q & A
Taurus Samuels
Vista High School
Class of 2018
GPA: 4.23

GP: When did you start playing in the Gamepoint program?
TS: I started playing when I was 10 years old.

GP: What other sports did you play growing up?
TS: I played one year of football in 6th grade.

GP: What has been your biggest challenge in balancing sports & academics?
TS: The biggest challenge in balancing sports and academics would be time management. Knowing how much time I have before and after practice or games to finish homework and assignments, as well as choosing between doing that or going out with friends.

GP: What other activities are you involved in outside of basketball?
TS: I’m involved in ASB (Associated Student Body). I was elected Senior Class Vice President.

GP: This past summer you committed to Dartmouth College, what was it about Dartmouth that you made you choose that school?
TS: I chose Dartmouth because of the academic excellence, along with being an Ivy League school. The men's basketball program is in a period of change, transitioning from being one of the bottom teams and now moving towards the top. I want to be apart of the change and doing something special such as winning the Ivy League and going to the NCAA tournament.

GP: What do you want to major in?
TS: I do not know what I want to major in at this time.

GP: Your favorite Gamepoint memory?
TS: My favorite GP memory would have to be traveling to all the different states and riding in the vans with my teammates and seeing different cities.

GP: If you had any advice for any of the younger Gamepoint players coming up, what would it be?
TS: My advice to younger Gamepoint players would be to make sure to really take in and enjoy everything that comes your way, whether it be traveling or playing with your teams. It goes by faster than you think, so really make sure to enjoy every bit of the experience that you get, because Gamepoint does so much for their guys and really shows they care about their players."

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