Gamepoint High School Program

How Our Program Works

Gamepoint Basketball is proud to have created one of the best Southern California high school club basketball programs. Gamepoint provides young athletes the opportunity to learn the mindset and necessary skills to compete at the next level. The GP organization ensures our players learn discipline, mental toughness, hard work and perseverance in a supportive and positive setting. Gamepoint also instills in players the importance of being a student first, and the lifelong impact of an education.

Athletes come to GP because of the training provided and the visibility to college coaches. Our track record of placing players in college speaks for itself. GP fosters a competitive atmosphere that allows athletes to push their limits, succeed at the highest levels of high school play, and achieve their dreams of college basketball. Gamepoint high school players will participate in some of the nation’s top high school basketball tournaments. That visibility on a national stage is just one of the reasons that GP players are recruited for college play each and every year.

The Process

1. After registering, players/families will receive additional information

2. All high school teams have tryouts in early March for the spring and summer seasons*

3. Players are evaluated by coaches based upon their skills, attitude and game play.

4. Those selected will be expected to participate in regular practice and competitive tournament travel

5. Teams practice 1-2 times per week based upon tournament schedule

*Please note: Due to Covid-19, tryouts, practices and tournaments have been postponed.

“Gamepoint provided me with the opportunity to compete against some of the best high school players all across the country in front of dozens of college coaches. Not only that, they also provided me with support, guidance, mentorship, great coaching, great teammates, and great preparation to give me a chance to play at the next level.”

– Taurus Samuels, GP Class of 2018, Dartmouth College